October 4, 2023 (NO COMMENTS)

In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, finding the right talent to fill crucial roles is paramount. Ascenteum Nursing, a reputable recruitment agency based in London, has established itself as a trusted partner in the Care Sector, providing tailored recruitment solutions to both clients and candidates.

A Family-Owned Business with a Personal Touch:

At the core of Ascenteum Nursing’s ethos is its status as a family-owned business. This personal touch permeates every aspect of their operations, fostering a deep understanding of the Care Sector’s unique challenges and requirements. This understanding sets them apart, allowing them to provide solutions that resonate with both clients and candidates.

Serving England and Wales:

With an office located in the heart of London, Ascenteum Nursing’s reach extends across England and Wales. They bring together a team of dedicated professionals who cover all areas of these regions, ensuring that clients and candidates alike have access to comprehensive recruitment support.

Expanding to Serve You Better:

As part of their commitment to excellence, Ascenteum Nursing is on the path of expansion. Soon, they will be opening offices in key locations, including Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester, and Swansea. This strategic expansion aims to better serve their clients by being closer to the communities they support.

Temporary, Interim, and Permanent Solutions:

Ascenteum Nursing doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. They understand that different situations demand different solutions. Whether it’s temporary staffing to handle short-term needs, interim placements to bridge gaps, or permanent recruitment for long-term success, they have the expertise to match the right candidate with the right role.

Dedicated to the Care Sector:

The Care Sector is their specialization, and this focus allows them to stay ahead of industry trends and requirements. Their expertise in healthcare recruitment ensures that clients receive candidates with the necessary skills, qualifications, and, most importantly, the right attitude to make a positive impact in the sector.
In conclusion, Ascenteum Nursing is more than just a recruitment agency; they are a partner dedicated to the success and growth of the Care Sector. With their family-owned ethos, expanding presence, and specialized approach, they are poised to continue making a meaningful difference in healthcare recruitment, providing the crucial link between clients and candidates that fuels progress in the Care Sector.