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EU banks hedge net interest income to pass new IRRBB test
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DCOs show resilience beyond key default thresholds – CFTC
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Reverse stress test reveals clearing houses remain resilient under low to moderate market shocks

Capital Group grows interest rates swaps book by 62%
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Counterparty Radar: Aggregate notional of US mutual fund and ETF positions hit $957 billion in Q1

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Industry experts deem a second life for the reviled rule unlikely

How a ‘sushi circle’ approach can improve credit risk management
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AI can help banks shift from manual corporate loan reviews to continuous, digitised risk monitoring

HSBC North America breached leverage ratio minimum in latest DFAST
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Ratio of UK bank’s US subsidiary ended stress test 20 basis points below regulatory threshold

Five battle for euro swaps clearing
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Nasdaq aims to be regional hub, while BME seeks broader slice of ‘active accounts’ pie